LED Guide 50 D 0.4W

Stainless Steel Inground Light made in Germany

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LED light made of stainless steel V2A for floor or wall mounting, is glued in place.

Equipped with bright high-power LEDs and a 25 mm frosted tempered glass, which is glued in waterproof.

The luminaire is tread-proof when installed flush with the ground and can be driven over by all road vehicles with air-filled tires up to 10 km/h.

Technical Data

Connection cable 50 cm
Cover frosted tempered glass, watertight seals
Dimensions dia. 50 mm, h. 35 mm
Housing stainless steel V2A
Ingress Prot. Rating IP67
Light colors cw, ww, blue, yellow, green, red
Operating voltage 12 VDC
Power consumption 0.4 W
Radiation of light diffuse
Ta 55°C
Useful life of LEDs 60,000 h